We Convert Waste Anesthesia Into A Safe Renewable Resource




Resthetics was founded in 2015 with the vision to convert waste anesthetic gas into a safe renewable resource. The company’s core technology, a porous crystalline organic framework, originated from interdisciplinary research conducted at the University of Houston. The porous crystalline organic framework not only has an extremely high affinity for fluorinated anesthetics, but also allows for desorption of the captured anesthetic molecules. We aim to sell the recaptured fluorinated anesthetics to manufacturers at a price that will be less than the cost of raw materials, time, and labor involved to produce new fluorinated anesthetic. Resthetics efficiently reduces HFC release by hospitals while generating a multimillion-dollar market.

Our technology has received national acclaim in the Nature Communications scientific journal, has numerous peer-reviewed publications, and has been the focus of numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and The Welch Foundation. Resthetics has an exclusive licensing agreement in place with the University of Houston.

In 2015, 2.7 million liters of fluorinated anesthetics were released into the atmosphere from United States hospital operating rooms alone. This equates to $1.5 billion worth of wasted anesthetic gas. Fluorinated anesthetics, a type of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) are potent greenhouse gases and are 4,000 times more harmful than carbon dioxide emissions. They are highly stable and can remain in the atmosphere for up to 20 years, thus contributing to global warming.

Internationally, there is a recent rise in awareness of HFC toxicity. In 2016, 197 countries, including the United States, adopted an amendment under the Montreal Protocol to commit to an 80% reduction in the production and consumption of HFCs by the year 2048. Within the U.S., California also signed into a law in 2016 that aims to reduce HFC emissions by 40% by the year 2030.


Daniel Weisfeld
CEO, Co-Founder
Antonio Hung
CFO, Co-Founder
Rose Xie
Mohamed Hashim


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